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Your style personified

Ready to create the home of your dreams? At Calkins Plumbing, our professional team can help you create a kitchen and bath that will be the envy of your friends and family.


Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom takes a team that understands your every need. Our team will help you determine if your appliances are in the right spot, how to make your rooms flow better, and even give you the opportunity to restructure your plumbing lines if needed.


Contact our professionals today and avoid the pitfalls of inexperienced contractors. Our team makes your life easier

with the knowledge to provide you with a high-quality

rebuild, guaranteed.

Calkins Plumbing

2186 W McMillan Road

Meridian, ID 83646-5148


Phone: 208-577-8372



Licensed in Idaho

Idaho Plumbing License #

PLB - C- 12751

RCE - 17329

Our services include:

• Water softeners

• Garbage disposals

• Toilets

• Sinks

• Redesigning and moving existing fixtures

• Custom shower installation

• Bathtubs

• Dishwasher installation

• Countertops

• Appliance hookups

It's always a great time to start a home

improvement project.

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