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Never settle for less

What could be worse than the shock of an ice cold shower on

a cold winter morning?  Whether you have a full water heater breakdown or your pilot light just won't light; nothing can ruin your day faster than a house that has no hot water.


You can turn to us with confidence. Our team of professional plumbers provides quick and reliable installation and repair.

Let our team assess the current state of your water heater and diagnose the problem.


Signs of a problem with your water heater can surface quickly, and it's just a matter of time before the repairs become even more costly. At the first sign of a problem, contact the team at Calkins Plumbing and get started on our expert repairs. We also offer quality water heater replacement service. Remember,

our team offers a service guarantee on our work!

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Troubleshooting your problem

• Discolored water

• Water has a bad odor

• Low hot water pressure

• Water heater clogged with sediment

• Relief Valve releasing a small amount of water

• Water heater leaking

• Not enough hot water

• Pilot light is out or unable to start

• Water scalding hot

• Broken pipes


Finally, get that hot bath you've been waiting for.

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